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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dance Within The Always

I rest now in the

Peace and the Knowing of love

which flows through me
nourishing and fulsome
flowing into the world
Love Joy, & Compassion
Healing all hurt, washing.

away all Pain

Bathing in love, accepting
 Life as it is and
 step by step shaping.

the future within the
 shifting and changing bodies
 off my Physical Form, and this Planet.


opening & closing -- this -- life

held within the always of
  Love,   Golden
 which  fills  and  surrounds
      all    there   is


I dance within the always
 as I move thru my
 days and the tumbling
 and turning of the
 Waves of emotions and
 building and releasing of
 ideas and actions of
 shape and form.





Monday, March 09, 2009

Standing on the Earth

Standing on this earth
I connect with
all that is.

It is a pleasure, honour
and my reason for being
to share the gifts
of who I am

In every moment.
Life, power of existence
pulsing through my veins
Every cell, atom, particle
of this body.

I live, move breathe
and resonate with
this awesome energy
of Life

Power passion and purpose
guide my Life
I rest, easy in my skin
grateful for who I am.

breathing life in to
thru & from me
in each & every moment.
The divine dance delights.

Waves of love & light
wash over, through and
radiate from me

Divine dance divine
beyond all thoughts
it simply is.
this knowing this, knowing this
knowing this
Here I am