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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Organising and Getting Things Done

In 1999 I received a Millennium fellowship. One of the things in my fellowship was to develop more skills in organising and managing what I do in my life. - Back then I thought it was just about time management and did a lot of web research and read many different books it. One day I was looking at bulletin board on one of Time management sites and came across a posting about David Allen and what he was then calling 'Managing Action and Projects' - there was no book, yet, but a great newsletter and loads of stuff on his web site. 2 hours after discovering the site I'd downloaded loads of the articles and started tweaking my 'elephant list' and 'to do lists'.

I went on to get and study the tape set and learn the method. I was so excited and impressed I got in touch with David and he happened to be coming to London to do some training for big company in London and we met up for a curry. He shared some of the background of how he got to where he is with what he's doing.

That meeting, that meal and his methodology was and is a great inspiration - touched me deeply on many levels and has been a great inspiration and support. I'm very grateful.

Just found this on YouTube. - enjoy!