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Sunday, October 12, 2014

     Such a
        Deep Peace
    Deep Deep

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

gentle resting relief


this moon, poignant, tender, powerful
soft tonight .. still .. like breath exhaling ..
peaceful, resting

Bex in one of my Favorite Recordings

Each year ... another  year .. passing ...  and touched so deeply raw this year.  moved to deep big full tears and ...   a sense of heat and a subtle shaking in my upper body .. and all through me.

To be alive is SUCH an amazing thing.  to
be reminded and to have been so close to your choice Bex, to end your life. I feel ..... such gratitude to you for the gift to have faced death in such a powerful visceral way. It is one of the most extraordinary, painful and treasured gifts in my life.

Last night I could not go to sleep.. something in me kept me up, singing and playing and playing and playing and often thinking of you until .. the light of dawn crept into the day as I fell asleep at 5am.

This morning as I felt my way into the day, and without realisign the time, prepared to light a candle .....  at 10:00am .... amazed grateful and touched to visit that exact time.  

This year, I feel more than ever, the web of people around the world touched by this, ... felling and sending love... it is such a palpable thing ... and .. that too is part of the gift you bring Bex,, and offer me and others as an opportunity  to .. get more in touch with  a direct felt of senes  of meeting this, and meeting life ever more directly.  

thank you, thank you, thank you .. and love to you dear sister.