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Saturday, August 16, 2008

August full moon

It feels like something very profound is taking place in my life. Something about relationships, about the habitual pattern, addiction to wanting the other to give me something. It's like, as I stand in the kitchen looking into the shelves everything coming into three dimensions. I walk outside to look at the moon, full, powerful, bright moon. The taste of a grapefruit so rich tonight, and, as I sense into my body, stillness, a blessed blessed stillness. Do I grasp for this - maybe on a subtle level, but in my energy field wide wide open, and an alive energy in my belly, aliveness through my body, and a deep fullness of breath coming in and going out, simply, just as it is, the life of my breath, the life of life. Extraordinary, magical, powerful. I give thanks, grateful grateful thanks for this being alive, human alive. Somewhere I notice still I want to be a good boy get it right and yet even so, even that seems to have lost its power. And here I am in this moment with this full Moon, this body, this breath, this my life; being alive.