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Friday, January 18, 2008

creative movement and sound workshop - Jan 27

The next Moving Sound creative movement and Sound workshop is happening at 2:30pm on Sunday 27th January at the Exeter Steiner School.

Below is more information, also see the flyer at

Christoffer de Graal : Moving Sound
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01647 61241

movement, sound and
imagery for personal and professional transformation

PS also, booking now, a 1 day workshop on February 17th; flyer at


"A lovely playful, healing space; very special" Sandhya

Creative Movement and Sound Workshop

A wonderful adventure,
creating sound and movement stories and conversations.
Rediscover your creative playful self.
Instruments provided.

No experience of dance or music is needed to have a thoroughly great time!
For adults & accompanied children 6 yrs & up

Sunday January 27th
Sunday January 27th
Exeter Steiner School 2:30 to 4:30 pm
£5 - £7

4th Sunday of the Month
Jan 27 Feb 24 Mar 23


Monthly movement and sound workshops at Exeter Steiner School

Last year a group of us met regularly in the hall in the Exeter Steiner School, once a month on a Sunday afternoon from 2.30pm - 4.30pm; we're starting again on Sunday 27th January : 2:30pm-4:30pm

If you'd like to find out more about these sessions see or give me a call on 01647 61241 : all your enquiries are welcome.

You can also watch a 5 min video of Sandhya, one of the parents at the school, talking about her experiences of how these sessions have touched her and how here family has benefited

If you'd like to see a lovely flyer (that has a picture of Somin - class 6) really enjoying playing a drum

[Have you any thoughts of people you know might like these sessions or where to put the flyers (could you put 2 or 3 up? it would be really appreciated - any ideas, do let me know )


Moving Sound : powerful shifts tm

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Music for Meditation, Ashburton : Sat 19 Jan

On Saturday 19th January, there will be another beautiful evening of mediation to live music. They are organised by Surabhi, from the band 'One Hand Clapping', and are a lovely heartful space, and it's a really pleasure to play with her..

These 'Osho Satsang's' happen about once a month in Ashburton at the lovely 'Space Upstairs'. Starting at 6:45pm ( arrive a bit before because once we've started we can't let you in)

The evening is a mix of silent sitting meditation, listening to live music, (often improvised) some short audio recordings of Osho speaking.

If you'd like to stay for Supper, bring some food to share. ( It's usually quite a feast and lovely company - I'd recommend it!!)

Any questions, or if you need directions call Surabhi on 01364 654732

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

email hoaxes scam websites identity theft

Here's some great info of what to look out for in Hoax emails.

also tips about fake websites.

Do NOT give any personal details (phone number address, etc) If you have this website could be useful.

If you have given them personal information, and they now do have your phone number or address be REALLY careful about replies to what look like official agencies.

IF ANY doubt *don't* respond. ( say you're busy and ask for a number to call back) do NOT answer any questions about any financial info, bank or card details ( especially if it's an official sounding organisation) unless you can check form your previous records that it checks out as legitimate.