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Sunday, June 13, 2010

YouTube - David Byrne: How architecture helped music evolve

YouTube - David Byrne: How architecture helped music evolve

Music and places and spaces has fascinated me for many years and I've sought out played in some amazing sacred and magical places tuning into the atmosphere of that is there and the people that have passed through and things that have happened there. . This talk put's some other things in place about what sound is created where when by whom, and what I am attracted to, and not (specifically in Music - and other things too.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

How energy organises in a system

"Energy organises around what is most articulate in our system" Wendy Palmer

Earlier this Year I went to a wonderful workshop with Wendy Palmer on 'Embodied Leadership'. I was struck by many things - I wrote this down twice in my notes; it encapsulate a lot for me about what she makes available in her work.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

message from Dartmoor

in September 2009 I saw 'Wild River, Cold Stone', a film about Dartmoor by Chris Chapman. Something moved deeply in me in response and I realised how deeply I am connected to and love Dartmoor and this land. - Grateful to Chris for making the film and to CCAN Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, for showing it. [a recording, with music will follow at some point]

Is the moor in morning? Still, it stands
resting, in great grandeur.
Silent witness to all
Vibrant potent energy
contains all

Autumn rests more fully now
my music wraps around me
endless step progression
of this life

Held, in equal acceptance
The shunned suicide grave
The markets of sheep & pony
The man managed taking
and burning & using
violent extraction of
Ore tin & granite

The mystery soul of the moor
cannot be taken or diluted
Silent witness that holds all
in the passage of time

Rest now in the image
and a wide open energetic
arms of this precious place
Still yet so vibrant & alive

Rest now in the image
of sky and rocks, slow shifting
light rock juxtaposed against grass
held in sky danced through by wind

This ' still place' has beauty
energy & aliveness
rest now . . rest . . . now
in this

This land, this planet, this universe,
Stars, planets all of it
And these rocks, the land we
Stand on. . Tears pour down
my face at how little
we understand, are for
& love this Life

It's ALL alive .

can I see the life in it

This life everywhere
in everything .
It calls me , calls me
constantly . there
in everything everyone everyplace
come home to me, my land, my body, my life

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

YouTube - Social Media Revolution

for many years, since the late 80's , I've had a curious eye on the Internet and had a sense of it's potential. this video has some amazing figures of part of what is happening with it.

It's mindboggling to hold this whilst also holding awareness of another aspect of Social and ecological planetary transformation that is going on as being engaged with by groups such as the Transition Movement, Greenpeace, Aavaz