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Monday, December 21, 2015

Receive the gifts of this season

May there be moments
that touch you 
deeply in these
days ahead

within this
whatever culture 
or beliefs you 
rest in or
are surrounded by

Whatever pain
whatever bliss
pay attention to 
the fullness of
the one heart
and the timelessness
that continues

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Possibility from the Pressure

Today, I have been so acutely aware of several places where people I know are experiencing painful situations. In much of society there are echoes of this, and this time of year of Celebration, with joy focus, also carries with it such shadow.

Such beauty and such poignancy........ Feeling all this and being willing to include feeling both the song of the joy and the song of the pain, carries with it a gift, a potentiality. 
Meeting such reality in the places of pressure, calls and invites me to notice too, the cracks where the light starts to pour in. 
This requests me to take care where I place my attention. . . . .

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Welcoming reality how do I influence ?

More and more I am interested in meeting closer and closer the direct experience of life in my day to day and all that is happening in the world around.  

More and more I notice the need to do this sustainably deeply, heartfully, as I meet life, in its raw, unveiled, 'as it is'ness, in the wideness depth and fullness of how I respond.  

Here it is, that I notice so so many different kinds of exquisite resonances and responses that happen in me and in the atmosphere of the spaces I am in.

This video, by a high school student, has somehow manged to reveal so much. Seeing this inspires and deepens the question in me of how to wake up more fully to what is happening around me amidst the wave after wave of interactions and shifting constellations of personal, societal and global events and interactions.
I am left with the question of how, even more, I can, be with myself so that when I ask questions and have interactions and reflections, that there will be such an unveiling and welcoming as happened in this video.

#loveintheordinaryworld #welcomereality


Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Bombing Syria am I able and willing to feel this?

And so the wheel turns again. And the compassionate heartful response to life has been ignored. Fight, and the sense of fight has been thick in the air today, and the last days.

This land, this government has chosen to drop bombs on Syria. Massive explosions, and huge amounts of force and resources, poured once again into a fight. A killing fight. What was once in the school playground, is once again being played out on the world stage.

In this brief moment in time, in these tiny lives that we have, here it is, in this day and age,  the force of killing , so strongly being put forth.

This is not the w a y it should be, this is not my way. I am ashamed and horrified. And not only that, that this is happening, once again and more and visibly, but that there is such an unheartful resonance with which it is being done. And, how, shockingly, I feel in me, the resonant reflection of the excitement that a part of me has, addicted to war, pain ,  oppression and inflicting suffering. How so very much I am immune to this. Immune to the very real depths of it.

I look for and request a way to be able to feel more fully, a ful filled feeling, of this life. This aliveness of being alive in life.

I hold an image of a flower, a bright yellow multi petalled flower, with a few green leaves. Fresh bright and new. Somewhere, in the midst of this, there is hope.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

One-to-One Sessions in Devon in December

In my monthly vists to Devon  I'm offering One-to-One sessions (#Lifecoaching #Businesscoaching #Enquiry) a few places left for this December visit.
In these kind of sessions, I  work with people who are interested in going more deeply into something, to welcome the reality and possibilities of life more directly and to meet themselves and life more fully.


More information at: