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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Blueprinting and reality

Sunday 6 May

* visa gold - pay, other to do's ADMIN time today,tonight.


As I woke,it was early,before 5am again,I dozed, got the tensions in my body and my runabout mind.


how quickly that activates


in writing,going just that bit too fast. . . for comfort.

many thoughts arose with how I've used this dong tooo much to somehow feel a kind of safety. In that tension that's been ,somehow a protection. .. . --- something STOP .. . .

I shy away from saying clearly and strongly,accepting *what is true for me*. I flick to a conversation with my mother yesterday and how unlistened to I was, how little space .. .AHHH..

that's the meta level,meta pattern .. .** wanting life to be different,....*seeing how it could be SO clearly and the tension arising form how it could be, or could have been.. . . there is SOMETHING in there of **getting BOTH***, that is getting this great WONDROUS vision I have. . .REALLY getting accepting, blessing that I DO have that ability and facility to do that EVEN WHEN it's **SO*** very different from the reality ( of what was, what is, or even. . .what may be. STILL **it IS OK, even nourishing and important that I GET MYSELF in that ability to see what it is that arises in me as the blueprint potential .. . .-- It's a VERY differ energetic than the forcing. . . that blueprinting arising SIMPLY IS,and I SIMPLY SEE IT, FEEL IT, SENSE IT.... along with that is How it is, the past and present reality .. . the future may also be ... because i ALSO see and sense the future that is arising., some ( and more that I allow myself to get, a lot of the time) and , I ALSO get how that is NOT completely shaped .. .the Blueprint is there AND what is arising AND , whilst the blueprint may not be reached ( as now we are NOT as humanity living what could have been) that blueprint , BLUEPRINT can happen AT ANY INSTANT we can go towards that.

SO, getting this day, right now, and eyes open ,eyes closed .. different energy ..response in my body. SO TOO different activity and SO TOO, different according to WHERE I PLACE MY ATTENTION IN THOUGHT. AN activity, an interaction with something, doing something, reading something etc ALL CARRY DIFFERENT ENERGETICS AND RESPONSES IN MY BODY. simply stopping I GET WHAT IS HAPPENING .. . relating to the activity, the person, thing I'm doing. reading too, a book or something on the internet or an email that too as well as the equipment, method of transmission ALSO carries with it a response. . . THIS, this awareness and potential awareness I have IS neither 'good' nor 'bad' it simply is


This getting myself, simply myself AS I AM . is SUCH a GREAT RESOURCING.

THE tension comes with the mismatch between the blueprint and the reality of how it is, or appears to be. the physical material reality difference. Accepting this physical reality does NOT negate the blueprint Like with the design of the electric and the pluming getting the blueprint s one thing, carrying it out and being with that process of preparing, gathering materials and doing and discovering ' obstacles, and blueprinting, no re designing, the blueprint is the FINISHED vibrationally alive reality, NOT a 'goal or a new goal, the blueprint is simply what is. simply that.

SO, now there is the time space physical reality of getting up dressed, tidying the room, having breakfast going to the loo etc. then doing, what ever I do ALL THAT is that, simply that 'doing' -- It IS OK TO DO . . !!and relax and be available, and stay focused and enjoy. this all this that I have been writing is the trick to simply enjoying life, being of benefit from the core of me shining out, drinking that in that me ... that is .. . how extraordinary.

NOW is time to get on with the day