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Monday, October 22, 2012

This   Breathing
     and      Breathing
        out     of
   This   Life

as I rise and fall in
the conciousness of my experience

to benefit all beings, my prayer
and hew and cry

simply dancing in the awakening
of Life as it emerges
one breath after another

to this place of understanding
of peace of life, of Pain of
psychological indifference and
non compliance  and untruth
      in  all this   . .    still . . . Life

Knowing this, being this  as
the conciousness of the
aliveness of existence
dances through the shadows
of our  'understanding'; this  is 
the reverse of Life as
it opens to be in the Day to Day ordinary

Hold precious the gifts of
the form of this Life
and rest, ever more
concious into the formlessness
in which you cannot rest
and yet is always
             This is  and brings
profound,   Peace     beyond which
and out of which  is
          nothing;  alive  nothing