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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My focus now

How am I doing ...? well .. part of the picture is that I have over 200 'important' emails that have built up since 13 May. And only now starting to feel, some of the time that I can start to engage with it.

It's been REALLY rough much of the time since the start of the year and ...particularly over the last few months . . . trying to see a way forward with my work, and even dealing with my ordinary day to day life has been ... well .... . . . I haven't had a strong sense of it much of the time..... (I know somewhere, on some level that it's all perfect, but I haven't been able to focus very well at all) In fact its only today that I've started to get some order into my living space again and I've got no paid bookings in my diary for Moving Sound. In fact I've decided to continue to put it all on hold - I'm not even going to try and make it happen, at least for the next 6 months -- At the weekend I did run a donated short evening session for a small group of people at a fledging community near Totnes, that I have a few friends in. - It reminded me and re-inspired me that I CAN do Moving Sound, and that it's * amazing* ... but/and I feel quite emotional as I write this about how, and in what form, I take my passion for this forward. . .

What I'm focusing now on now is allowing this all this to take it's course, play music, clear out old stuff, and get the barn into a comfortable place for winter, and see and communicate with a limited number of people. - connecting with and responding to those who I have a sense that they really want to connect.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Again I say YES to my life

Sometimes, somewhen . . . . I have the ( fantasy?) thought, idea, wish of a confident, congruent, open, Loving, accepting, appreciative not putting down edgy relationship. ~ talking of and with love, ease, flow, Joy, . . . the core of Life Flowing Thru.

Drama, no more, - easefulness and Joy the core experience of Life . in this Dropped in & opened place . Resting, again & again into Love, into the place of Joy & u n d e r s t a n d i n g of this human Life within the context of cosmic reality.. Not a 'talking' of that, only, but a dropped in resonance of that place of perfection & knowing the Devine reality of this LIFE . The ordinariness of all this, the Opening to & in Love.

Again I say YES to my life. a yes in every cell of my body singing dancing with Joy of the Beauty & magic of this extraordinary Alive Life. I feel my Body heavy on the ground and space in & between all that I am. And I feel the flow of life within & throughout this human form . Right now I know & see and experience and am in Heaven.

Early morning mist
sun bearly pushing through
soft gentle day