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Friday, April 28, 2006

Dance in public places, in life - travelling back from croatia

It's taking awhile to digest what I experienced in Spring dance in Croatia. - here's snippet along the way in My journey back to England:

Waiting for the bags, moving, running spinning rising, flowing ... responding to energies and movements in the space. space in my body, space around .. feeling my body. - the tightness the flight dissolving .. . simply by staying with the movement, as it is. the sights, sounds lights and bodies coming and going my music, my breath my music, my heart my music, the pumping of my blood my music. the changing electronic displays my music.

I twist and turn to the baggage claim .. a clear knowing of exactly where to stand and sit and wait after 10mins of inertia the man next me says "this waiting is like eternity." .. . I 'wake up' slightly .. from my dead trance of waiting. . . . some humour in my response as I stand up "especially if you only have 5 mins for the train." Again I am present to this. the tension in my body, the now nervousness of my heartbeat .. and breath . . ? who knows!! Eternity doesn't last for ever .. . almost immediately my suitcase of instruments is there. .. then . I'm off . . not consciously thinking about it but. yes SO going for the empty spaces running, weaving in-between the bodies . . people 'bocking' somehow I continue to see a way through. flying through customs and out through the narrow funnel of the exit, still there are spaces .. up to the lift door. NO lift. . push the button .. no lift. *this* time I continue in motion continue to breathe in this 'still' space. Into the lift, how did I get there so quickly near the exit door, pres the button entry doors close . . down we go . .. 1 minute to go. doors open I and the trolley are one. I fly across the hall to the platform, luggage trolley and station staff moving into the spaces , fluid body adjusts weight, trolley spins.I arrive at the door of the train. 1, 2, . . . 3 viola, all in I breathe. all I seem to be is the breath. 30 second later , the door closes. WOW.

Giving it up: the time from arrival of plane to departure of train is too short. the space I want to go into is full of people. Somehow in both, I had a sense of giving it up and going into the empty space. simply moving there, resting there, flowing there, 'flying' there.

I'm so greatfull for the practice possibility and experience of letting go in 'the dance on the dance floor' and in 'the dance of the day'. . . WHEW. . what a relief, and I'm *sure* it's why I got the train!! I'm greatfull to remember this more. .. how often I've been forgetting!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Playing for Spring Dance Croatia April 2006

I was guest musician at this 5Rythms based Celebration, It felt like what we were doing was taking part in connecting and healing the land, the people, the planet; may the blessings from this continue and deepen.

It’s amazing this connection I’ve had for over 12years now with the dance, how it’s supported me, what I’ve learnt and what I’ve been able to contribute. Something really landed for me over these four days; nearly a year after Gabrielle told me to put what I was experiencing into playing my Viola, finally it feels I’ve started to do experience and value that; it moved me and others profoundly - I feel very grateful.

Now back amongst the English soft spring sun, veiled by light cloud of silver grey and primroses smiling, I reflect on the journey to and at the Spring Dance

I feel very grateful for having such deep connection with people and having so many people respond to and name 'the path with soul' that I am on with doing what I do with Music and, in this context, playing music and facilitating others to play for the dance.

During this time I was met and held and challenged powerfully by many people from that land - a very special rare and beautiful thing. Hearing again and again, as if for the first time, and new, how much people were touched by teh playing that I do, how I hold the space for others to play in such a way that they feel they can contribute ( several singing for the first time in years or in way they hadn't felt free to do before) Really getting responses of how fully they received the passion I have for what I do, and the depth that of what I do, not just for playing music but for A Path of Soul and as a healing and a blessing for the planet

I was met by many people, and particularly by some of the younger people in a way that was so profound, and innocent/natural, simple wisdom and response to life, living this life

Much magical work took place on many levels; healing, grieving and releasing, for me and for others. The pain in the land, the pain in the people .. still very raw. . . and, in that dancing and in the sounds that we made something shifted.
I also found myself more deeply, and got who I am reflected back to me strongly. Being with people and connecting in the dance, in the eating together and talking . also sitting on the old, old limestone amongst the trees and spring flowers cherry blossoms sprinkling the ground. it was all really important, and nourishing . .. that too was part of and had a healing.

Outside the dance floor, in the dance floor of life, before class in the morning at lunch time or late in the evening over a meal, I heard over and over form me and from others questions that really wanted answers and answers that really wanted questions . . some answers came and others .. . simply the question stayed and deepened.

One of the participants has asked me if I’ll go back and a workshop, Path with Soul, in a Castle in her town. It feels an honour to be asked to do some more sound and movement healing and enquiry; to go back and dive deeper into this experience that has opened so readily and magically in that wonderful country with such heartful people.