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Monday, April 16, 2007

Sound Blessings for Celebrations using Hand Chimes Viola, Guitar and Voice

One of the things that gives me a lot of joy is to to create an energetic in a place when people are gathered in a sharing circle. I tune into the exquisite energy of the blessing that is there and build on that by creating a Sound Blessing.

Sometimes, at a birthday or wedding, I invite people to sit or lie down in the center of the circle with their eyes closed. Then I have some lovely hand chimes which I pass out to people to join in playing. Then, with that gorgeous wash of sound started, I weave around and through that with Viola. Sometimes I add a singing bowl as a transition to playing guitar and making up a spontaneous song. - people sometimes join in the singing too.

Yesterday we did a lovely sound blessing at my friends wedding celebration, sitting outside at the end of a sharing circle. Marianne had tears steaming down her cheeks as we played. She said to me after I'll remember that for the rest of my life." As I'd asked them to come and sit in the center of the circle and close their eyes, they'd joked' "what are you going to do, levitate us". ( I'd hidden the instruments so they wouldn't know what we were going to do.) Afterwards Ian said, "It was like being in a 3D sonic bath, and yes you *did* levitate us, it was really beautiful."

I'd be introduced to these lovely Hand Chime blessing bells when I stayed in Brisbane with Sarah Hopkins a wonderful musician and Sound Healer. She also created the Harmonic Whirlies which I also love to use at gatherings like this. Later that night many people in the group played Harmonic Whirlies around the fire.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Kanyini day

There are more words I will post, to go with this extraordinary day; a deep meeting and a deep privilege for such a heartful connecting - These images came to me in the opening circle and said to me about the essence of the day. ( see for Bob Randall's amazing film)

we came from afar

a meeting and blessing for all

Heartful questions rested on the ground

The light life radiant all one