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Saturday, June 25, 2016

day after referendum unbelievable changes

What is the focus of my life?  Where do I get clarity and guidance for that?

What is the deeper level of question?
from that comes the answer.  

What if there is no need for deeper? What if it is enough for live to be lived in, out, and from possibility, from and with presence guiding. The main place of guiding.  What if this is enough?

I feel touched by this revelation, a deep filling touched.   The layer of grief, that plays across my face, and through my body is revealed and is revealing….. nothing.

My mind goes in a thousand places. Associations and possibilities.  If feels overwhelming,  on one level… in one way and, in another, it is simply a something happening, which is nothing.

The rain rains, grey sky, the clouds weep for the discord which rips through this land.  It is not a crying for an outcome of yesterday's referendum, it is more a crying for the arising of the polarising meanness of what has been happening in the way the debate has been led, and what has been called out and encouraged in the people of this land……..  

my way is a better way, the best way and I will, like a petulant toddler, tease, taunt and bend the truth towards trying to bamboozle and force things my way.   

In this, the weaker ones group and cluster around self-interett, and the tone of bullying and oppression rises louder.  

This is not the way,  this is not the way of the heart, nor the way forward, in this step , of a compassionate beingness.

This is not an us or them, this is simply a particular play of life living itself out.

It is time for a meeting of friends, the deeper listening of nothing happening ordinary something.   It is time  for a union of our hearts with life. It is a time, this moment time, for this living happening to be realised , more fully, in this present moment.   

Not a deep to be revealed, but a welcoming of this moment reality, in all its simplicity  and presence of the eternity of existence.  A possibility of life, revealing all that it is, within the one heart beingness of life.

Live this, this life.  That is it.

What else is there to know?

The deep breath moves thru,  such a resting.  
All will be revealed, when the searching stops.  Rest now,  rest in this place.

What  if the busyness of numbness is not such.  What if the superego label is removed, dissolved and,    here  it is..  this  revealing… of… this liffe..   laid bare, in the depths of its patterning, in the house of its longing, in the place of its belonging.  What if this is the life.

Revealing this, in its one heart place, in its fullness of the overflowing of the  creative potentiality of the doing of one step after another, within the capability of visioning, planning and doing  manifesting, where things line up and the flow flows.  

Do not mistake the lack of flow to be a place of less.  Rest, rest in the flow that is happening,  Feel here , this one place revealing, dropping away the burden of creationing. And living, here in this moment, alive to the awakefulness of life.