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Monday, February 12, 2007

Singing and Moving in Merlins Cave Tintagel

Tintagel is an extraordinary place on the north coast of Cornwall, in SW England. I went there yesterday and got to sing and move in Merlin's cave.

I 've been to Tintagel several times but never before gone down to the cave. Tintagel it's self has a very powerful energy and I get a sense of seeing through into another world. Below the Castle on the island is a cave uncovered at low tide and which wind and sea rush through.

As I entered the cave form the beach I entered the cave and walked to the middle, waves crashing at the far end, wind blowing strongly through it was as if I grasped the heart of the energy of this powerful place.

I plan to return again to have longer time and sty nearby. Then I will drop deeper and to tune more into this wild and extraordinary place. I hope to and record some more, this time with a mic with wind shield ( not just just my stills camera).