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Sunday, November 22, 2015

SUFFRAGETTE and challenges and opportunites

I was So so SO deeply moved by seeing this film. How so very different than the impression we were given at school. ..... So much to think about in the responses I had. what a roll on effect has happened since those amazing woman took the stand they did....and what lengths they had to go to. 

This took place,1.5 miles from where I now live. When I first saw this photo, before seeing the film, I though it was a bit shocking; now I understand what they had to go to, and  the lengths they went to just to get their voice heard thru the layering's of inertia in society then.
How unjust society was to women then... What it took to start to change that societal discrimination, and extraordinary how that ripples through until today (at the end of the film, the list of countries and dates of when women got the vote was a moment of revelation....)

I am sitting now in understanding more, how so much that discrimination is still inbuilt and the injustice of that. And deeper gratitude and respect for the amazing men and women that are courageously speaking and doing so much.

I am inspired and grateful for the light of awareness that is increasing, and wondering where the institutional, societal and cultural discrimination's are so large that we, and I, have yet to wake up, or wake up more to take action that will be powerful and effective.

What, I wonder, are those actions that are in line with the next evolutionary step of this my life

Seeing this film has depend this ongoing question in me.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This View of Life

As I look out of my window this morning,  the light catching the face of the clock on the tower, the trees, standing tall and strong in their winter revealed shapes, I feel such gratitude for life; looking and seeing.  Something resting deeply in me as I feel open to these old buildings,  these large trees,  and the life vibrancy in the light and air.