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Monday, February 16, 2015

Dropping Closer

Sitting here, --- this moment, seeking, sensing, noticing....  close to me; dropping closer... Even in, and after the turmoil of such fearful feelings anh Painful thoughts, here l am resting in the trembling of the aliveness of this moment.
Sense of belonging and gratitude and being held safely by this life. In the emptiness and the form of this life and the fullness which I am and which all things are: such an extraordinary thing

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Meeting and Creating future Potential

I've been thinking a lot recently about goal setting, visioning, and planning.

What is there to see when there is no eyesight, (or we don't look in the 'ordinary' way).  What are the ways to create, imagine and take steps to the future when some, or even many of the thoughts say "this is impossible", "this is not the way". 

How can we accept and meet our shadows with curiosity and enquiry, and follow the evolutionary potential that is arriving, that is coming towards us to meet us from the future.

I am inspired and touched watching this

For me this video is not so much that this artist is blind and paints and is succeeding in what he is doing,  but what is touching me is the imperative which he is following, and how his life is lining up for him.

What would happen, if we did that more in our lives, and were to 'see' life in that way?