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Monday, April 19, 2010

Allowing the River

Allowing the river
to flow
Empty and Full
I accept my life
liking it or not
I rest like a rock
I am blown like
Straw in
the wind

Friday, April 09, 2010

Mailing list providers for newseltters

Have been looking at a number of different Mailing list providers. They each have slightly different benefits, (like click through reporting to see who has opened your email and followed what links) and costs (some are free for a small number of contacts, or features)
Free for ever for up to 500 subscribers, includes complete click thru reporting

but if you go over 500 it costs ( pre pay PAYG for 3cents/email if you do less then a monthly mailings, or a monthly unlimited plan for $30/month, or more depending on size of your list)
is free up to 1,000 subscribers. (max 1000 emails/month)

But if you want to easily upload a mailing list or see who opened, or be able to see who clicked on what link and do a follow up email, you pay, but only a few pounds a month, with a sliding scale according to how many emails you send (plus you get unlimited contacts )

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Go with Muddy Feet : Sakaki

When you hear dirty story
wash your ears
When you see ugly stuff
wash your eyes
When you get bad thoughts
wash your mind
Keep your feet Muddy

- Niano Sakaki

Child Salve Labour Free Chocolate

Seems like there is, after all , some child slave labour free chocolate

Maybe like me you were shocked by the child slave labour that is behind most chocolate we can buy, and even in Fairtrade chocolate. you may be interested in this ... Divine Chocolate News ( I've also had an email correspondence with Divine and am satisfied that their chocolate is traceable and not using child salve labour)

I know where I'lll be getting my Easter eggs from next year!!

love and gratitude for inspired companies like this.

Phone Coaching view of outside 'office'

The first day of the year when I've been able to to do phone coaching from my outside 'office'
The patio outside the studio here at Harford Barn

Friday, April 02, 2010

Potent Peace

Swirling Emotions
of this Day
Driving rain & wind

In the centre
of this the
Still point
Bright Light
Potent Peace

Knowing that I know SUCH peace in such a deep way, it mystifies me how come I have such sadness in me. Such an unkindness to me.

Tears flow ... as
I soften into this
resting in ... this place

can I give up this painful punishing, can I be with the ebb and flow is of the meanness, anger and pain causing hurt ... in ... the world -- can I go there ... and burn through... can I go there were I don't want to go

There is such pain and suffering in the world ... unbelievable suffering and ... in need to ... and such an attachment to '' suffering AND such a numbingness... and SUCH a want of

Merciful Kindness

The wave of grief and tears flood over the top
and ... tingling now ... in my belly
and a soft still
acceptance & Peace